System Cleaning

System Cleaning
Why have your heating system Cleaned?
• Cures flow and circulation problems
• Restores system efficiency
• Restores heat output to radiators
• Cleans the whole system including pipe work
• Removes aggressive water and further corrosion is prevented
• Cures or prevents boiler noise
• Minimises boiler warranty problems

We have 3 different ways of cleaning your heating system:

1. Connect a Magnacleanse filter to the heating system which comprises of 2 powerful magnetic rods that will capture any iron sludge in one pass. This is the least invasive process and will not put your system under any increased pressure as it uses the existing pump to flush the system. Therefore any chance of a leak on the system is minimal.

2. Connect a Thoroughflush device to the system which will use the mains water in the property to clean and flush the radiators of any sludge and loose debris.

3. Use a Kamco Quantum CF90 powerflush machine which has an incredible flow rate of 60 litres a minute to guarantee your system is cleaned thoroughly of any sludge and debris.

Email us the details of your property and we will be happy to supply you with a quote.